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Best Ideas To Prevent Ladder Falls At Work

Ladder falls remain one of the most common causes of work injuries. Fortunately, there are steps workers can take to prevent these workplace accidents. Many workers get the impression they 're not going to get seriously hurt if they fall. Serious injuries and deaths caused by ladder falls don't always happen from extreme heights. They...

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Confined Spaces Pose A Danger For Workers

Some workers in Pennsylvania need to do at least part of their jobs in confined spaces. These include agriculture workers, miners, construction workers, electrical workers and many others. It’s important work that needs to be done. But an accident puts them at risk for suffering a serious workplace illness or injury. What confined spaces do...

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Can Workers’ Compensation Benefits Be Reinstated After A Layoff During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Many companies in Pennsylvania have been laying off workers as a result of the economic fallout caused by the novel coronavirus crisis (COVID-19). It’s a time of great uncertainty, and workers who had recently returned to their jobs on light duty after a workers’ compensation claim may not know how this affects them. Can my...

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Do I Qualify For Workers' Compensation If I Was Hired As An Independent Contractor?

The gig economy is a term used to describe an emerging company model for hiring workers. Companies hire short-term workers, independent contractors, or freelancers to take on many of the same tasks as employees. Uber and Lyft are notorious for classifying drivers as independent contractors. For many people looking to earn a living, gig work...

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On-The-Job Drug And Alcohol Abuse May Be Putting Construction Workers At Risk Of Being Injured

Drug use on the job not only puts the drug user at risk but can harm other workers, as well. On-the-job overdoses can also result in serious workplace accidents, especially when heavy machinery is involved. Workers who are under the influence of alcohol and certain drugs may be more likely to make errors, due to...

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3 Workplace Safety Practices For 2020

Companies must adapt to the latest changes in business, including workplace safety. An article in Occupational Health & Safety outlines three workplace safety trends for 2020 that employers should consider: Companies will continue to downsize workforces, forcing safety professionals to take on more responsibilities. They can no longer specialize in fire, security, environmental and other...

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What You Need To Know About Job-Related Repetitive Strain Injuries

Not all job-related injuries are sustained during accidents. Sometimes the nature of the work being performed is enough to induce nagging aches and pains in seasoned workers. Repetitive strain injuries occur across a wide range of occupations — from office employees to construction workers. After months or years of performing the same tasks, the muscles, tendons,...

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Wake Up Call: Lack Of Sleep Is A Leading Cause Of Pennsylvania Workplace Accidents

Fatigue can impact our overall job performance and safety, and there is a certain demographic of Pennsylvania workers who are regularly affected by fatigue, including: Night shift workers Rotating shift workers Those who drive for long periods of time Workers who have small children Workers with sleep disorders, like sleep apnea Anyone can be at...

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