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Training Truck Drivers with Virtual Reality to Prevent Injuries

In 2016, fatalities among truck drivers accounted for 40 percent of all work-related fatalities in the US. All too often, inadequate training is responsible for these fatalities. Because of this, the industry is looking for new, innovative ways to improve training and mitigate these risks. Better training makes all the difference   The United Parcel...

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Fatigue Endangers Pennsylvania Workers

The National Safety Council defines fatigue as "physical, mental or social impairment that includes tiredness, sleepiness, reduced energy and increased effort needed to perform tasks at a desired level." Fatigue is a danger across American industries, made worse by the fact that nearly four out of every ten workers suffers sleep loss. Who is at...

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The Most Dangerous Jobs in the US

USA Today recently released an article that examined the top 25 most dangerous jobs in America. They based their conclusions on the number of workplace accidents and fatalities in each industry reported in 2016. According to the results, the top three industries that have the highest rate of fatal on-site work accidents are logging, fishing,...

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Preventing Near Misses in the Workplace

When companies implement new safety policies and fix issues, it is often the result of some incident that has occurred. New policies are often a reaction to damage that has already been done. However, a proactive approach to workplace safety can prevent these costly incidents from happening in the first place. Preventable accidents are often...

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How Do I File A Workers Comp Claim?

If an employee is injured at work, to establish a claim, the first thing that that injured worker needs to do is notify his or her employer about the injury. That is called notice, and it's required under the law, so every person who's injured on the job has to provide notice to their employer...

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Prominent Scranton Attorney Speaks Out Against Workers’ Comp Changes

SCRANTON, PA (January 31, 2018) - A prominent local attorney is speaking out against proposed changes to the workers' compensation system currently under consideration in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. The proposed legislation, S.B. 936, would direct the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry to select a nationally recognized prescription drug formulary for treatment of work-related...

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