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Pennsylvania accident attorneys O'Malley & Langan have worked with a wide range of injury victims on a variety of complicated cases. From oil and gas drilling accidents to Veterans Benefits, we understand the legal obstacles people face every day. We're particularly knowledgeable about hydraulic fracking accidents in Pennsylvania.

With three offices conveniently located in Northeastern Pennsylvania and a team of experienced accident attorneys working tirelessly for injury victims, O'Malley & Langan has a strong track record of success throughout the state. We win cases because we know the law and we understand our clients. That's because we're from here, and we live here. We're on your team. From Scranton to Pittston, Hazleton and Towanda, we represent injured people and families who lost loved ones in cities and towns throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

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Knowing what to do when you have a serious legal problem can be overwhelming. Often, it's difficult to even know where to begin. Insurance companies and other corporations involved in your legal dispute will likely make you an offer to resolve your case.

You might be tempted to accept their financial offer. But it's important to realize that most insurance companies only care about one thing: paying injury victims as little as possible. That's why you should discuss any proposed settlement with an experienced attorney.

Why should I hire Pennsylvania personal injury attorney Todd J. O'Malley?

Attorney Todd O'Malley and his colleagues at O'Malley & Langan have a well-earned reputation for delivering results. We regularly help people recover money that covers the true cost of their accident or injury. That's why so many people in Pennsylvania rely on us to help them.

You have too much riding on the outcome of your case. Give your legal issue the attention it rightfully deserves. This may be your only opportunity for justice. Seize it. Contact O'Malley & Langan today. Call (866) 326-0100 and schedule a free case evaluation today. We don't get paid unless you win. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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