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Can My Employer Say I’m an Independent Contractor To Get Out of Paying Workers’ Comp?

If you’re an injured worker misclassified as an independent contractor, it’s time to fight for your right to workers’ compensation benefits. "In the state of Pennsylvania, an employer is not allowed to misclassify you as an independent contractor to get out of paying for workers' comp and other benefits," says O'Malley & Langan Founder and...

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Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Claims

Our firm pursues justice for veterans and their families. The safety of service members and their families who sacrificed so much to serve their country should be paramount, but unfortunately, our country has not always met that responsibility. For decades, Marines and their families who resided at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina were exposed to...

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I Was Hurt at Work, Then Laid Off. Now What?

Just because you lost your job doesn't mean you lose your legal rights. A workplace injury can have serious consequences. You might need extensive medical treatment, follow-up medical care, and time off from work to fully recover. The last thing you need is to also lose your job while you're dealing with this situation —...

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Top 10 Safety Violations Found by OSHA in 2021

A Pennsylvania Workers' Comp Attorney Discusses How Safety Violations Can Lead to Injury Workers are hurt on the job every year, suffering injuries that prevent them from returning to work for some time, resulting in a loss of income. Meanwhile, medical expenses for treating their injuries add up fast. In Pennsylvania, injured workers can file...

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Pennsylvania Governor Proposes Expanding OSHA Workplace Safety Rules

A workers’ comp lawyer in Scranton explains Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently proposed a plan to improve working conditions for people statewide, including expanding federal workplace safety rules to apply to more workplaces statewide in an effort to prevent workplace accidents. “I’m taking executive action and calling for legislative action to create safer workplaces, promote...

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Harmed by Social Media: Facebook, Instagram Linked to Teen Mental Health Issues

Hold social media platforms accountable for their actions. Contact our law firm to explore your options. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have been linked to a recent increase in depression and other mental health issues among teenagers, according to researchers and journalists studying this issue, including an in-depth investigation conducted by The Wall...

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Scranton Attorney Todd J. O’Malley receives Belli Society Mel Award

On October 11, 2021, Attorney Todd J. O’Malley, Founder and Senior Partner of O’Malley & Langan Law Offices, was honored with the prestigious Mel Award by the Melvin M. Belli Society. The distinction recognizes an exceptional trial attorney who demonstrates the highest pinnacle of skill and innovation in litigating for clients and makes a significant...

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