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Why should I hire a Social Security Disability lawyer?

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Working with a lawyer on your Social Security Disability case can make a dramatic difference in many cases. Whether you're applying for Social Security Disability benefits or appealing a denied Social Security Disability application, an aggressive attorney can fight for your rights.

At O'Malley & Langan, our experienced Pennsylvania Social Security Disability attorneys thoroughly understand the complex federal rules and know how to build a strong case designed to succeed. That's why we're proud of our strong track record of success. Case results matter.

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There are many reasons why you should hire a Social Security Disability attorney to handle your case in Pennsylvania. According to attorney Todd O'Malley, "In my opinion, hiring an attorney will absolutely provide you with a better opportunity for success - but not a guarantee. I believe that hiring an attorney familiar with the Social Security disability process provides several positive advantages.

"First, it should relieve some of your stress along the way. Second, an attorney may be able to uncover several alternative approaches to present to the Social Security Administration. Always keep in mind that the ultimate goal in the claims process is to obtain an award of benefits. Third, an attorney and his staff will seek to obtain all of the relevant and appropriate documentation in support of your claim. Finally, appearing with the support of an attorney will be more comfortable than appearing alone, should your claim require an appearance before an administrative law judge."

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