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Fall Driver Safety Tips for Scranton Motorists

Pennsylvania car accident attorneysEach season has its own unique driving risks. A personal injury lawyer knows that summer brings teen drivers who are on break and who are on the roads in higher numbers, while winter brings bad storms and roads slippery with ice. Drivers need to brush up on their driving safety tips for the upcoming season, and this means learning about some of the biggest risks of fall driving.

How to Stay Safe and Minimize the Risks of Fall Driving

The AARP provides some information for motorists who want to stay safe on the roads this fall. Drivers should:

  • Be on the lookout for piles of leaves. Dry leaves can be dangerous if you park your car too close to them because your catalytic converter could cause a pile of leaves to catch fire. Wet leaves, on the other hand, can line the path of the road, covering road lines and making the roads very slippery.
  • Remain alert at times of reduced visibility. Daylight savings time can make it more difficult for you to see on your commute home, and you could be at risk even on familiar roads. Be sure to watch carefully for pedestrians and bike riders on the roads in the days and weeks following the time change. You should also be aware that kids are back in school and that there may be more young people who walk to and from class.
  • Check the pressure in your vehicle's tires. There are often rapid changes in temperature not just as summer changes to fall, but over the course of the fall season as well. These shifts in temperature can lead to your tires expanding and contracting, causing the tires to lose air pressure. Check to ensure that the tires have the recommended amount of air pressure based on manufacturer instructions. Your vehicle may have a tire air pressure censor to alert you if there is a problem, but don't always count on having this technology.
  • Prepare for the glare of the sun. When the time changes, you may need to adjust to a different amount of glare in the morning or in the late afternoon. You should make sure you have sunglasses available in your vehicle to counter the sun's negative effects on visibly as the run reflects off of hoods and car windows.
  • Be prepared for wet roads. It is very common for the fall to be a rainy time of year. When the roads are wet, this can result in hydroplaning and cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Slow down on wet roads and avoid slamming on the brakes or making sudden movements with your steering wheel. When the rain is coming down especially hard and you are not able to see effectively, you may wish to pull off of the road and wait until the storm passes.

If you follow these safety tips, hopefully you can avoid the fall driving dangers and get through this season safely.

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