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Workers who repeatedly perform the same task often develop carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition in the arms and hands caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist. Office workers who spend hours a day typing often develop carpal tunnel syndrome. But so many other workers suffer from repetitive trauma injuries.

Carpenters, construction workers, factory workers, dry cleaners, hospital workers and other people who use their hands to make a living often develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Surgery and physical therapy can treat this condition. Such procedures can be expensive and take months.

"Why should I hire a Pennsylvania carpal tunnel syndrome lawyer?"

Are you suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and need an attorney? Is your employer denying you have carpal tunnel syndrome or stating your condition is not work-related? Take swift action now! Contact O'Malley & Langan. Call (866) 326-0100. We have years of experience helping injured workers facing all types of work-related injuries and illnesses.

A Scranton carpal tunnel syndrome attorney with our firm can help gather the evidence you need to present a compelling claim. We can research whether your employer took steps to prevent you from developing carpal tunnel syndrome. We will not rest until justice is served.

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Don't wait for insurance companies or your employer to compensate you for your long-term workplace illness. You might need to do more than simply file a workers' compensation claim form. You may need to take legal action against your employer to receive compensation.

Don't be intimidated. Demand justice. Contact O'Malley & Langan. Call (866) 326-0100 and schedule a free case evaluation. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're ready and eager to meet with you and develop a detailed strategy designed to win your case. From our offices in Scranton, Pittston and Towanda, we represent injured workers in cities and towns throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

"We only win when you win," attorney Todd O'Malley said. "Your case matters."

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