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How Does Workers Compensation Work?

Workers Compensation is a system that provides essentially two benefits. Lost Wage Benefits, which substitutes for the wages that you would earn if you were otherwise working but are unable to due to your injury, as well as medical benefits. I'm often asked by prospective clients whether they're entitled to receive benefits on account of a work injury when they're working only part time because they have an injury, they can't do their regular job and only part time light duty or modified work is available to them. The answer to that is yes. The answer is you're entitled to what are called Partial Disability Benefits. You don't have to be totally disabled from work in order to receive wage loss benefits. If you're losing even part of your wages that you were earning before you got hurt, you can be compensated for that. If that's happening to anyone out there, I would urge them to contact a competent attorney like those here at O'Malley and Langan to discuss those issues.

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