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3 Workplace Safety Practices For 2020

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Companies must adapt to the latest changes in business, including workplace safety. An article in Occupational Health & Safety outlines three workplace safety trends for 2020 that employers should consider:

  • Companies will continue to downsize workforces, forcing safety professionals to take on more responsibilities. They can no longer specialize in fire, security, environmental and other areas. They must learn to juggle their tasks by incorporating the latest tools and resources into a comprehensive workplace safety program.
  • Companies will take a more holistic approach, combining safety and health protection with injury and illness prevention into comprehensive wellness programs. They will take into account the relationship between the social, emotional, financial and environmental aspects of worker health.
  • Advances in technology will drive the personalization of company health programs. Technology can address specific issues better than generalized programs. Experts can customize how workers perform their tasks, decreasing the risk of injuries.

What makes these safety practices so important?

Companies try to identify and take advantage of trends. This can mean increased business and improved profit margins. In the same vein, employers must identify and address workplace safety issues before they result in injuries. As a result, they can protect their workers and themselves alike.

For workers, a serious injury can have lifetime consequences, threatening their livelihood, their ability to support their families and negatively impacting their quality of life. On a company-wide level, work conditions that result in injuries take a toll on morale and employee turnover.

For employers, productivity declines when workers lose time due to workplace injuries. The company may have to pay for additional workers or offer overtime to current workers to meet production demand. Insurance costs also rise. Workplace safety is good for the bottom line.

What happens when company safety policies fail

Unfortunately, not all companies in Pennsylvania recognize the importance of worker safety. They think in the short term – meeting production goals at all costs. They fail to recognize long-term consequences. Or they simply do not care.

If you’ve been injured on the job, you could be out of work for an extended period while your bills pile up. Your employer is not going to admit any fault and likely will blame the accident on you. They will hide behind their lawyers. Their insurance company will offer you an unfair financial settlement because they know you need money.

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