Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

What Does a Workers' Compensation Lawyer Do?

A workers compensation lawyer can get involved anytime after your injury to protect your rights. If a claim needs to be filed, then we would appear at each and every hearing with you, present your testimony, and any other evidence including your doctor's testimony, that needs to be heard by the judge. The insurance company will always have a lawyer representing them at the hearing. We suggest that you do as well. Even if there is not litigation on your case, meaning you don't need to go to hearings to protect your entitlement to workers compensation, there are many things that we can do to help. We've represented thousands of workers who have been in the same position. We know their concerns, their checks are late, their bills are piling up, their medical treatment has been denied, they're scared, they're concerned about their ability to protect their family's financial security. Those are all issues that we can address to help even the playing field and make sure that as you move forward through the workers compensation system, you trust that the answers that you're getting are the right answers.

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