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Slips, Trips, Falls and how to Prevent Them

Pennsylvania workers' compensationSlips, trips and falls account for a majority of workplace accidents. Though both slips and trips can be quite dangerous, there is a distinct difference between the two. A slip is when you lose your footing. A trip is when you are impeded by your own feet or other objects left on the ground. Both can very likely result in a fall, which can result in serious injuries.

Some potential factors that can lead to a slip or a trip include unnecessary clutter, wet or polished floors, grease or oil spills, and uneven or damaged floor surfaces. Desk drawers or filing cabinets that have been left open, especially those closest to the ground, can become a tripping hazard. There are also some safety hazards that are seasonal, such as snow or ice on the ground in the winter.

The truth is, most trips and slips can be prevented by general safety and good housekeeping practices. Ensuring workplace floors are free of debris and clutter, for instance, will greatly reduce the risk of a workplace accident. Cleaning any spills that happen right away will prevent workers from losing their footing, which could result in a fall. Employees should also wear proper footwear at all times. Shoes that are made of protective material and have good traction in the soles go a long way in preventing severe slip, trip and fall accidents.

If an accident occurs, get the right team on your side

Pennsylvania workers' compensation attorneys at O'Malley and Langon know that a work site can be a chaotic place. With all the workers moving around and materials being used, an accident is more likely to occur at a work site than in an office or other job setting. It is the responsibility of employers to ensure that their work site is safe.

However, employees must also take personal responsibility for their actions. If a worker notices a spill, even if he or she was not the one who caused the spill, it's best to take a moment to clean it up or alert someone who can do it. Employees must also be aware of any building materials they are using and whether or not those materials could be a tripping hazard. Taking preemptive measures such as those listed above will keep you and everyone else around you safe.

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