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Scranton, Pennsylvania Attorney Todd O’Malley Discusses Mission 22

It's a troubling and unacceptable statistic: Twenty-two United States Army veterans take their lives every day. Mission 22 aims to bring light to this alarming statistic and support U.S. military veterans as they cope with physical and emotional difficulties after returning home from combat.

A collaboration between veteran nonprofit organization Elder Heart and marketing agency CP+B, Mission 22 was founded with the goal to put an end to veteran suicide. Comprised of Delta Force and Special Forces veterans who have battled Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and traumatic brain injury firsthand, the organization aims to bring veterans' issues to the forefront and enlist support for programs designed to help U.S. military veterans.

The "You Be the Judge" video presented by O'Malley & Langan spotlights efforts made by Mission 22 to raise awareness for veteran suicide in America and features special guest Magnus Johnson, President of Elder Heart and eight-year veteran of the U.S. Army.

To learn more, visit our "You Be the Judge" video blog or contact O'Malley & Langan at 1-866-326-0100.

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