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Scranton, PA Lawyer Todd O’Malley Discusses St. Francis of Assisi Kitchen

For those in the Scranton area dealing with an injury or disability, underemployment or unemployment, simply having enough food to eat can become a critical issue. However, thanks to the volunteers at St. Francis of Assisi Kitchen - and donations from people within the community - those who are hungry have a place to turn.

St. Francis of Assisi Kitchen's humble beginnings date back to the Hotel Scranton, where volunteers served 14 meals on their very first day. Now located next to the St. Francis Commons, the soup kitchen now serves almost 200 meals every day for lunch alone, with an additional 100 to 125 people coming to the soup kitchen for dinner.

Relying primarily on donations from schools, businesses and individuals, St. Francis of Assisi Kitchen draws many volunteers and contributors to help feed those who are hungry in the Scranton area. This includes 16-18 people who serve every meal at the soup kitchen 365 days per year and includes volunteers who have donated their time for more than 30 years.

The above "You Be the Judge" video features guest Monsignor Joseph P. Kelly, Executive Director of the St. Francis of Assisi Kitchen, and focuses on the efforts of the organization to help those in the Scranton-area community in need.

To learn more about St. Francis Soup Kitchen or how to make a donation, visit our "You Be the Judge" video blog or contact O'Malley & Langan at 1-866-326-0100.

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