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Scranton Attorney Todd O’Malley Discusses Frankie’s Voice Memorial Fund

Frankie's Voice was started first to aid in the search for Franklin Bonacci, who went missing after a party in July 2013. Growing to over 7,000 supporters on Facebook in a short period of time, the group lives on in memory of Bonacci, who was found after an intensive, social-media driven search spearheaded by the organization.

As stated in the group's official mission statement, the organization strives to help others and help others during their time of need - just as the Scranton-area community was there for Bonacci's friends and family in their time of need - holding multiple events to benefit the community in the process.

Now 14,000 members strong and playing a pivotal role in combating violence and aiding in the search for missing persons in Pennsylvania, the organization held a road race on July 19, 2015 to benefit Pennsylvania Trooper Alex Douglass, who was shot in the September 2014 ambush attack at the Pike County state police barracks that killed Corporal Bryon K. Dickson III.

At O'Malley & Langan, we understand the impact that social media can have on not only families, but entire communities. The following "You Be the Judge" video spotlights the efforts made by Frankie's Voice to make an impact on the local community and features special guests Courtlind Davis, Social Media Coordinator, and Doug Long, Event Organizer for Frankie's Voice.

To learn more, visit our "You Be the Judge" video blog or contact O'Malley & Langan at 1-866-326-0100.

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