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Risks for Scranton Construction Workers

Pennsylvania car accident attorneys Pennsylvania car accident attorneysPennsylvania is one of the best states for construction workers in terms of unemployment rate. Construction unemployment data released in May indicates PA construction workers saw significantly lower unemployment in April 2015, than during April 2014.  In 2014, the unemployment rate for construction workers in Pennsylvania was 7.9 percent but in April of 2015, the unemployment rate had declined to 5.2 percent. Pennsylvania was one of 45 states nationwide that saw lower unemployment in the early summer of 2015 than a year prior.

Lower unemployment is great news since it means more people go back to work after a job hiatus and more new workers hoping to break into the field will get a shot. This doesn't mean there are not risks. An experienced workers' compensation lawyer knows more people doing jobs in the construction industry mean a higher potential for work injuries. This is especially true when the unemployment rate goes down enough that new, and less well-trained, workers come into the field.

As new projects begin and new workers take positions, employers need to ensure all new hires are getting the training they need to be successful and stay safe on the job.

Unemployment Drop Increases Risk of Pennsylvania Accidents for Construction Workers

Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc shows unemployment hasn't just dropped for construction workers in PA. The May data release had the lowest unemployment rate nationwide for people in the construction industry since May 2006. Nationwide unemployment rates for construction workers fell to 6.7 percent. There was a decline in unemployment rates not just from prior years but also from March to April. The month-to-month decline is explained by an improvement in weather as summer approaches; winter was unseasonably cold and led to a slow-down. The year-to-year decline is explained by improvements in the construction industry due to the housing market recovery.

PA is one of the best states for construction workers. The state is ranked 14th and only 13 states have a lower unemployment rating. States with even lower unemployment in the construction sector include Wyoming, Nebraska, and Maryland.

Good news for construction workers could mean bad news for job safety, because more new workers can mean more untrained workers and more risk of injury. During the first month a new worker is on the job, the employee is three times more likely than an experienced worker to suffer an injury. Construction is one of the sectors where newest workers face the greatest risk of work injuries, according to the Institute for Work and Health.  Men in the goods sector who are new on the job are among the most vulnerable to injuries during the first month of employment.

Employers and workers can mitigate the risk of injuries by ensuring proper training protocols are in place and safety rules are established and followed. Low unemployment should be good news, it shouldn't mean more people facing life-changing injuries that could permanently end their careers.

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