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How Can Companies Minimize On-The-Job Musculoskeletal Injuries?

Pennsylvania workers' compensationIf you have a physically demanding job, chances are you have felt fatigued – and that’s when your job can get dangerous. You might lift a heavy item and immediately feel pain in your back. The injury could sideline you from work and lead to a workers’ compensation claim.

Fatigue also can put workers engaged in repetitive tasks at risk. Tired workers often are not aware of how their body movement changes as fatigue sets in. They begin to make mistakes that could lead to musculoskeletal injury, which results from overexertion or repetitive motion.

Musculoskeletal injuries are not uncommon

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about one-third of all workplace injury cases can be traced back to an incident that resulted in a musculoskeletal injury. EHS Today states that technology – in combination with observation and worker training – can lead to a reduction in these injuries. Workers should be taught the correct way to move their bodies to reduce the chance of an injury.

One product some companies are considering is developed by Worklete, a San Francisco technology provider. They collaborate with companies in transportation, shipping and logistics to help them find ways to reduce injuries.

EHS Today reports that employees can better manage workplace fatigue when they are given the correct tools. The tech provider trains workers to learn new ways to move their bodies and avoid injury.

How new technology can lead to fewer injuries

Companies can use software to train employees. Employees who participate:

  • Watch videos
  • Discover proper movement techniques
  • Engage in workplace discussions

According to Transport Topics, a news publication that focuses on trucking and freight transportation, Worklete has expanded into the trucking industry by training drivers on how to avoid slips, falls and pulled muscles. Their software, which is made available on tablets or smartphones, shows drivers proper ways to lift 40-pound items and enter a truck. They learn to develop healthy habits, such as stretching. They even are shown the best way to lift water bottles.

When to contact an attorney after an accident at work

It goes without saying that just about everyone wants to reduce the number of workplace injuries – from the top managers of companies to the people working machines or driving vehicles. Technology may help workers learn proper ways to lift, pull or carry items on the job, but accidents will still happen, even when proper protocol is followed.

If you are injured on the job, it’s important to contact an experienced workplace injury attorney. Start by contacting O’Malley & Langan Law Offices, an experienced legal team with offices in Scranton, Pittson and Towanda. Trust us to handle your claim and fight for the compensation and benefits you deserve after a workplace accident.

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