Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

How much does workmans' comp pay?

Workers compensation pays based upon the average amount of money that an injured worker earned, prior to their injury. There are several different methods to calculate this. Generally speaking, it depends on the amount of money you earned on average, in the year prior to your injury. Now, some workers haven't been on the job a full year, other workers have been on the job for 20 years, some workers get paid by the hour, other workers get paid by the week, or salary by the year. There are still other workers that are in a commission if they sell a piece of real estate or they make a sale of goods, they get a part of that sale, as their compensations.

All of these things factor into how we calculate a person's average weekly wage, that's what it's called, average weekly wage. That will dictate how much they're paid under the workers' compensation law. If you have any questions regarding how benefits are paid or how much you are due in owing, you need to contact a competent attorney to discuss those issues.

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