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How Long Does Workers Comp Last?

The laws have just been changed to benefit injured workers to take away any arbitrary cap on how long you can remain on workers' compensation. Before that Supreme Court decision, there was an arbitrary limit of 500 weeks. Regardless of whether or not you remain disabled or out of work because of your injury at the end of 500 weeks unless she was greater than 50% impaired, you would lose your right to remain on workers' compensation.

Fortunately, based on some good fights put up by people like our firm that represent injured workers, the Supreme Court changed the laws in the summer of 2017. Now, there is no deadline, there's no set time period after which your benefits end. The law is designed to protect your right to remain on workers' compensation for as long as you remain disabled. But there are many challenges that the insurance company can put in place to try to stop your benefits long before even the expiration of 500 weeks, which is why it's really important that if you have questions like that or have concerns about the insurance company trying to cut off your benefits, you call a law firm like O'Malley & Langan.

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