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How Long Does A Workers Comp Settlement Last?

Many people don't realize that in Pennsylvania, workers compensation claims can be settled. The settlement can be in a couple of different forms. There can be a lump sum settlement or there can be something called a structured settlement. The proceeds from the settlement generally are supposed to last as long as you need them to. In Pennsylvania, under the Workers Compensation Law, generally, there's no such thing as permanency.

Even if an employee, an injured worker has a permanent injury, you're always temporarily disabled in the state of Pennsylvania, which just means that your benefits can be changed at any time. By changed, usually what I mean by that is the employer insurance company can petition to lower or stop your benefits. We at O'Malley & Langan want injured workers to focus on their health, to focus on getting well, and leaving the legal stuff to us. Protecting their benefits, getting the benefits to which they're entitled under the law, while they get well, and hopefully can get back to work.

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