Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

How Do I File A Workers Comp Claim?

If an employee is injured at work, to establish a claim, the first thing that that injured worker needs to do is notify his or her employer about the injury. That is called notice, and it's required under the law, so every person who's injured on the job has to provide notice to their employer of that injury. Once that notice is given, the onus is generally on the employer and the insurance company to investigate that claim, and they have a certain time period under the law to perform that investigation.

Other times, the employer and its insurance carrier will investigate, and they'll issue a written denial. In that situation, you need to establish the claim. The onus is on you at that point, once you have that denial in your hand. You can do that yourself, or with the assistance of an attorney. At O'Malley & Langan, we handle these types of cases all the time. We're able to instantaneously file a claim petition online with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers' Compensation, and assist you from that point going forward.

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