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Safety Tips for EMTs at Risk of Back Injuries

Pennsylvania workers' compensationBeing an EMT is a mentally demanding job that takes a physical toll on the body. Injuries are common in this field, especially back injuries, as so many patients need to be lifted onto beds or stretchers.

However, there are precautions EMTs can take to prevent an injury or reinjury while on the job.

  1. Do not lift from the floor. Bending far over to lift a patient off of the ground puts a lot of strain on your back. Use the tools you have to lift the patient off of the floor before bending over to pick them up.
  2. Keep it straight. When bending over to transfer a patient from bed to bed, etc., keep your head up and your chest straight. Again, use any lifting tools available to lessen the degree to which you have to bend.
  3. Minimize friction. When moving a patient onto a bed, many EMTs use a drag sheet, placed under the patient, to assist with sliding them onto the bed. The problem with this is that it adds friction, which makes the patient harder to move and can increase the physical strain on an EMT's back. Use other tools to help move the patient that won't make your job that much harder.
  4. Strength is key. The best way to prevent an injury or a repeat injury is to keep your body strong and fit. Emergency medical services demand a lot from their technicians, especially physically. Be sure to maintain a health strength workout regimen that includes plenty of lunges, squats, and other exercises designed to improve fitness and flexibility.


The Pennsylvania workers' compensation attorneys at O'Malley and Langan hold EMTs in high respect. Our first responders are our best line of defense when the worst happens. These dedicated EMTs deserve the highest level of care.

If you or a loved one were injured at work and feel you have nowhere to turn, contact us today. You take your job seriously. So do we. When you've been hurt, you need our dedicated legal team behind you. You need O'Malley and Langan.

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