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Does workers' comp pay for medical bills?

When you're injured on the job, the workers' compensation insurance company is responsible to pay your medical expenses for any reasonable and necessary medical treatment you need related to your work injury, as well as your lost wages. There are sometimes questions as to what defines reasonable and necessary medical treatment. Essentially, if your doctor believes it's reasonable and necessary, we will fight to ensure that your medical bills are paid. Medical insurance through workers compensation should result in no cost to the injured worker.

If you start to receive bills for medical treatment that you've received related to your work-related injury, it's important that you call a lawyer, because the insurance company has no right to arbitrarily deny a payment. There are processes in place, which the insurance company must follow if they want to challenge whether certain medical treatment is reasonable, whether that treatment might be necessary, or if they question whether that treatment is related to your injury. I would always encourage clients to be proactive before that happens to them, or immediately when it does. Let us help, because that's what we're here for.


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