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Do I Have To Go To A Doctor Selected By My Employer?

One situation that we see is where the employee is injured and the employer tells him or her that they have to treat with the company doctor or what sometimes is referred to as the panel doctor. The other situation is where the employer insurance company asks to have what's called an independent medical evaluation or an IME. If these situations arise in your case, whether the employer's telling you "you have to treat immediately after the injury with a panel doctor or a company doctor, or you receive notice that you have to see an insurance doctor for a one-time examination," you need to contact an attorney immediately to discuss these issues.

There are things that go to whether or not you even have to go to that particular doctor at that particular time. Things that you should say and not say. Things that you need to bring and not bring with you. People that can come in and not come into the exam with you and so on and so forth. There are many issues that go along with seeing the doctors that the employer and the insurance want you to see.

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