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What's The Average Settlement For An Injury To A Specific Body Part?

The way Pennsylvania workers compensation law is written there is not a specific settlement amount or payment amount based on the different type of injury that you've sustained. Workers' compensation in Pennsylvania is designed to protect your right to wage laws benefits for as long as any particular injury keeps you out of work but the ways that our laws are written in the state of Pennsylvania the question isn't how much money do you get for a particular body part, the question is how does that injury affect your ability to work? That is what dictates how long you can remain on worker's compensation or more importantly how much of a settlement you may be able to receive for a work injury.

Insurance companies sometimes will try to suggest that the type of injury you have correlates directly to the amount of money that you can receive and that's not always true. I would encourage anyone who has those types of questions, or has been told something by an insurance adjuster in terms of how much their case is worth to call us here at O'Malley & Langan. We've handled hundreds of thousands of these types of claims over the years. We know what different injuries should translate to in terms of settlement dollars.

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