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Hydraulic fracking drilling operations used to extract oil and gas from the ground involve pumping water mixed with hundreds of chemical additives into the ground. The chemicals include a wide list of harmful materials, including lead, uranium and mercury.

Not surprisingly, there has been a sharp increase in complaints about water contamination in Pennsylvania, especially in towns like Towanda located above the Marcellus Shale formation. We know because our Pennsylvania law firm has dealt with many of these complaints, and we're familiar with the common causes of water contamination due to fracking, or hydraulic fracturing.

Other environmental problems linked to hydraulic fracturing include:

  • Methane leaks from fracking wells
  • Air pollution caused by increased truck traffic
  • Water shortages due to high demand for water for fracking

What are other environmental problems caused by hydraulic fracking?

Safe drinking water has been put at risk due to fracking in many communities throughout Pennsylvania.Methane concentrations are 17 times higher in drinking water wells located near fracking drill sites. In addition, many of the chemical additives pumped into the ground find their way into people's water supply.

Water shortages have also become common in some areas with high concentrations of hydraulic fracking drilling operations. That's because hydraulic fracking rigs need between 1 million and 8 million gallons of water per well to operate.

"How can a lawyer help me with my hydraulic fracking environmental issues?"

Large corporations operate most hydraulic fracturing drilling operations in Pennsylvania and across the county. If you believe you have an environmental problem caused by one of their drills, contact our experienced fracking attorneys. Trying to take on these companies can be a monumental task and an exercise in frustration.

Oil and gas drilling companies frequently hire entire teams of lawyers to defend their interests. Level the playing field. You need a lawyer who is well-versed in the law and state and federal regulations. O'Malley & Langan knows how to get results.

When you contact us, you'll receive the personalized attention you deserve from a law firm that respects your needs. We won't dictate what you should do. We'll work closely with you to create a strategy that addresses your specific legal needs. We're on your side.

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